Makia ● Label Towel

When you will read this I will be already on holiday. That’s why I wanted to pick up a special something that could represent my mood: Makia Label Towel. Defining my mood is not easy, let’s say that this is the first real holiday after a very long time. Am I psyched? Of course! But following my usual modus operandi I do not want to steal the spotlight: on this post we will talk about Makia and its Label Towel.

I have a feeling that never changed towards Makia. I saw the brand from Helsinki from its early beginnings, when it entered the streetwear industry as a brand for grown ups that didn’t want to look like kids. This approach paid off because now Makia not only developed as a global lifestyle brand but it also went through an evolution that includes an eco sustainable work ethic.

You can find everything you may need from a streetwear brand in its range but today I am not focusing on anything that involves fits, styles, forecasts. I told you in the opening paragraph: I am on holiday and my chill mode is already kicking in. So, let’s say that you love to swim or to get tanned and you are single. Makia serves you a platinum “pick up line” once your Label Towel is laying on the ground. When you make eye contact with the hottest girl, just tell her: “This is too big for myself alone: wanna join me on the Makia Label Towel?”

Let’s face it: every girl’s dream is to lay on such towel and get envied by the whole beach. It is a known fact that Makia puts the utmost care for the French terry fabric that this huge towel is made of. Soft and with a high drying potential, we are facing a typical case of: “Looks good and works even better”

I did not find this item among the proposal available on Makia website, so feel free to harass Fresco Distribution because you want it really bad and you can’t find it.

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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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