Makia ● Landmark t-shirt

Makia keeps on getting my attention. No matter if it’s one of a kind camouflage pattern for Lined Raglan jacket, a limited edition collab with Superga or a Merino wool beanie in a sea of acrylic ones: this brand stays on its toes for what concerns a groundbreaking proposal.

Putting a strong dose of passion in each and every item, this Finnish brand this time takes us by surprise with a lesson in eco sustainability. If for you a t-shirt is “just a t-shirt” for Makia it represents a way to pass a message both with its print and its composition. This Landmark t-shirt belongs to a capsule that does its part to keep this Earth tidy.

Here the designer created a minimalist and colorful lighthouse to point out once again the Finnish roots of the brand for this tee that fully meets Makia style. Reminding me of 90s skate tees for what concerns positioning and dimensions of the graphics this tee is a statement for what concerns its composition.

Highsnobiety wrote a piece a few days ago: fashion can no longer ignore sustainability and Makia worked hard in this sense to give you its Pure Waste tees. Quoting directly from its tag, it says that this item is made of “100% recycled pre-consumer un-dyed jersey waste clips”.

So not only you can look fresh like Alessia M in these shots but you are getting along nicely with an ecosystem that needs the help of each and every one of us. To make things real simple, you don’t help the ecosystem when you buy incredibly cheap tees: in order to get that price you support brands that employ underage workers and create a constant damage for the planet with unorthodox productions methods. It may be a dying technique not completely biodegradable or old production factories whose pollution is out of the allowed range but we no longer can ignore such aspects. Keep an eye on Makia: never a dull moment, as Fresco Distribution may easily confirm you.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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