Makia ● Lined Raglan Jacket

You know Makia right? Helsinki most loved brand is a regular on The Maxiemillion for a few seasons now but the more times passed, the more I felt I wasn’t giving it justice. It’s a common sight at every trade show that counts to see the Makia booth filled with a never ending range of juicy cut & sew items but… here I kept on posting t-shirts mostly.

It’s been a topic of discussion with the almighty Franz at Fresco Distribution and considering the love he has for my media he felt it was about time to step my Makia game up. After he sent me a tee this season (that I will post soon) he probably thought about it and he sent me a second box that contained this jacket making me the happiest kid on earth.

This Lined Raglan Jacket here shown in its Green Camo colorway hides a secret: its pattern. Quoting Makia catalog: “The Island Camo Pattern was created from nautical charts of the island archipelago surrounding Helsinki coastal area.” Now tell me if this isn’t a refreshing change compared to all the other camouflage you keep on seeing around.

There is a lot more beside its dope look: it is a jacket coming from Finland, don’t forget it. This means that the ultra smooth fabric of its shell is also waterproof and windproof. But like this wasn’t enough it is also breathable to let moisture leave your body in order to have the ideal dry temperature inside your jacket.

Checking carefully these pictures of Pietro Z you will see how every detail counts here: zippered pockets with flaps, a big hood in case it snows or rains complete with a little visor and a cord to make the hem closer to your body.

See? I didn’t need much to feel like I’m giving Makia justice and now I already feel better. To enjoy a similar mood all you have to do is take some time and browse extensively Makia website: all the above will appear more clear to you…
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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