Makia ● Merino Cap + Back Stamp t-shirt

From the harbour of Helsinki, Makia clan strikes again. It could be the beginning a great rap track but actually we are stating facts. No matter how far this brand is from the main fashion capital of Europe, CCO and co-Founder Totti Nyberg keeps it moving. It may be Pitti Immagine in Florence or Bright in Berlin, our man is always representing the brand at Makia booth.

I have seen this brand evolve under my eyes. I can’t forget when in 2012 Franz from Fresco Distribution sent me its first collaboration shoes in collaboration with Saint Vacant and from then a Makia item or two are never missing from my blog, each season. This time is no exception with this outfit worn by Simona B.

You are about to witness once again the power of excellence. Why do I say “again”? This beanie is very similar to the last one that we saw from Makia last August. Merino Cap in our case is slightly different from that Merino Thin Cap. The first is thinner than the second, that also got thicker ribs.

I have been really impressed to see a Merino beanie the first time. No other headwear piece of this category has ever been crafted in such noble thread. This kind of wool separates men from boys and top streetwear brands from wannabes. With its moisture adjusting properties, it’s one of those beanies that you can basically wear all year long but let’s not forget that there is also a t-shirt here.

Celebrating its authentic nautical roots (its headquarters are located in Monterosso, the area where the harbor is) on this Back Stamp t-shirt you have front and back graphics. If the front holds it down with an anchor, the back has a quick recap of the basics of this brand. You too you’d better hold it down, because Makia got the crown.
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