Makia ● Merino Thin Cap + Lighthouse Tote Bag

Who can deal with different levels of streetwear styles like Makia does? No other brand. From the lands of Finland, Makia clan strikes again letting us understand its level of finesse firsthand.

While other brands are born with one target in mind, Makia can reach several levels of fans with its extended collection. From a sharp t-shirt representing the claim of the brand to the most versatile waterproof jacket ever for harsh climates, Makia knows how to deliver the finest garments. But what you have seen up to now it’s just the warm up.

I checked closely the collection with the help of the almighty Franz from Fresco Distribution while I was at Pitti Immagine two months ago and the brand is researching a lot for what concerns fabrics, beside styles and fits.

As a taste of what I just wrote, today we are checking with the help of Elisa P two accessories that put the focus on quality in a very different way. Merino Thin Cap is not your average beanie: in case you didn’t know most beanies out there are 100% acrylic. It all makes sense if you want to elevate your standard to look for something more precious and so the designers thought it was time to create a beanie entirely made of Merino wool.

Tote bags are not necessarily the core business of Makia but the research that I told you above includes even these items. This Lighthouse Tote Bag Ecru is made of 70% recycled cotton together with with 30% recycled pet plastic. You too should reach this level and it’s not hard: ask Franz and get down with Makia program to elevate standards.
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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