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I gave an extra minute to the choice of the first post of the new year. It has quite a responsibility, if you consider that it leads the pack of posts of an important year. 2020 is the year of the vision but also of the call to realness.

No more fun and games, it’s time to knock yourself out if you want to survive. From global warming, to the food we eat, from the energy that we consume to the destination of our waste, nothing can be left to chance anymore because everything counts.

This is why I have no doubt picking up Makia to start the new year as we should: this brand cares. Whooper Sweatshirt may look like a printed crewneck to you but it is an act of love towards the planet. Its graphic motif portraits a Wooper Swan, the national bird of Finland that is rocking a quite unusual jewlry: a plastic piece that could be the coming from a sixpack of beer cans. Juxtaposing the image of a swan, a symbol of beauty with a piece of trash, represented in a cartoonish style, puts a sprinkle of humor on a not so funny situation, making the message stronger.

Here we deal with a 70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled polyester blend whose shrinkage can reach a 5% level maximum. Recycling means less waste for the planet and with all the frequent change of clothing that fashion system tends to make us do every season, there must be a lot of unused apparel that doesn’t get worn anymore. How brilliant is to give it a new life?

It’s a lightweight terry cloth crewnech that you can brilliantly wear like Marika G does in these pictures, with a shirt or with a rugby polo, to exploit it in a different way from usual. Its heather grey colorway allows you to wear this sporty pullover in a zillion ways, one better than the other.

You can support Makia in order to save the planet from the selfishness of most humans. Just get in touch with Fresco Distribution telling them that The Maxiemillion told you to stop buying fast fashion randomly…

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