Makia ● Whooper t-shirt

Fresco Dist always makes sure that a Makia item is never missing from The Maxiemillion, season after season. Now these are what I call nice traditions. The Finnish brand, beside being an outsider of traditional streetwear game, has the creativity, together with a smart sense of humor, that makes it a favorite of mine.

But when it comes to eco sustainability there are no jokes at the end of the day. The situation is drastic, regardless of the fact that you may or you may not be a Greta Thunberg supporter: we all have to act now. Use less plastic possible, make sure to recycle the most you can, use bio products from food to apparel are the basics instructions and Makia knows them very well.

That’s why last season I showed you Landmark t-shirt, a tee made of “100% recycled pre-consumer un-dyed jersey waste clips”. Keeping up the same modus operandi I am happy to show you Whooper t-shirt, another t-shirt whose composition says 60% recycled cotton 40% recycled polyester. The swan represented on such tee is a bit far from being a symbol of beauty. The harmony of traits that make this animal a masterpiece of nature clashes versus a plastic waste around its neck, adding value to the deep message of this tee.

Me and Makia want to oper your eyes when it comes to buying apparel. Your money is like a vote. Try to go beyond the tag price and think about the consequence of your economic support. Avoid fast fashion chains: in order to produce at a cheap price there is exploitation of young workers and poor quality raw materials, cultivated with the wrong pesticides. Read the labels like your name was GZA. Don’t take it lightly because every little action counts, don’t underestimate any of them.

Show support to the Makia movement by copping this tee and keeping my Finnish friends under your radar. Not only you will do good to our old planet but there is a good chance that you will do good to your personal style too (and that never hurts…).

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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