Makia x Superga ● 2790 Platform White

Makia loves to think differently. Who cares if the streetwear scene in Europe revolves around London, Paris and Berlin? This brand makes its voice be heard from up north in Helsinki but its open minded approach to apparel design makes it what you could call a global lifestyle brand.

I defined its approach in this way because it takes a smart vision to think that you can re-design the Superga classic called 2750 turning into a platform called 2790. I bought a pair of these shoes back when I was 15, in 1983. I was approaching new wave and I thought that wearing this style my look would be refined enough to represent properly my love for alternative music. Who could imagine that I would still see these sneakers around after so many years?

This iconic Italian sportswear brand was the perfect ally for this collaboration with Makia. Both brands have experience in their respective fields, if you think that the first Makia post ever on this blog was another sneaker collaboration, so I expected a superior result this time and I am not disappointed.

Starting from the choice of the silhouette, completely different from the wave that footwear is taking in these chunky sneakers galore days, this collaboration shows character (and you know I appreciate those who dare).

Its nylon ripstop is printed with the same Island camouflage that we recently saw on Lined Raglan Jacket.

The right intuition is to turn this lifestyle sneaker into a platform so give those two extra inches for female aficionados of this sneaker is surely a plus.

Beside the branding on the rivets you also have it with an orange woven label, whose color is the logic companion of any camouflage pattern. The same orange can be also found on the rubber labels on the heels of this style, one brand for each feet.

Fresco Distribution deals in Makia since the Finnish brand moved its first steps so you know who to call when you get tired to waste your money on ugly looking shoes…
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