Makia x Von Wright ● Lynx t-shirt

Makia is back with its mission to make us arts connoisseurs. As it’s easy to figure out, it is not an everyday thing to talk about Finnish artists from the 18th century, but here the goal is to make streetwear fans evolve. Another aspect not any less crucial is the preservation of local culture with a worldwide appeal. Welcome to the third episode ops… post of the Makia x Von Wright capsule.

After we gave a look to the portfolio of this gifted family of painters specialized in fauna and flora on Stare t-shirt and then on Pigeons long sleeve now is the turn of Lynx t-shirt. Able to see things that the other animals don’t, the lynx is a feline that you don’t see much, in real life but neither in movies. Read “rare”. This gets along automatically with the philosophy of this brand from Finland considering that Makia is making its sustainability a priority, just like its sourcing. The analogy with the lynx here comes into play once again, because Makia sees the global warming and the respect for the planet that other brands don’t see (or they pretend they don’t see).

Another thing that this brand avoids to take part in, is the sale frenzy: items whose prices go up and down like the stock exchange don’t belong here. You heard it right, Makia does not reduce the price of its items at the end of the season. It is a way to tell you that all the items by this brand are classics and do not live a short life span.

This t-shirt is ready to make an impression with a front and back print for a very long time. If the front is very minimal with a small branding on the chest, the back is ready to attack with the reproduction of “Wolf-coloured lynx in winter coat″ a painting by Magnus von Wright that goes back to 1829.

Of course made with organic cotton, you can cop this item from shops part of Fresco Dist roster. In case you don’t live close to any of them the good old world wide web can help once again. Give a look to Makia website and place this lynx in the cart before it bites you…

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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