Makia x Von Wright ● Pigeons Long Sleeve

I was watching the movie “Based on a true story” by the great director Roman Polanski the other night, where basically a successful writer gets a case of “writer’s block”. It was inevitable to make some comparisons among the life of the main character and mine and this made me laugh.

I don’t know what a writer block is when it comes to my blog. Too bad I can’t write raps but when it comes to describe the main features of an item part of our fantastic streetwear world, I can go all out. I can do even better as this Makia item allows me to. I can write twice on the same argument without sounding boring.

I have no choice as Fresco Distribution sent over several items of the same capsule and it is with great pleasure that I want to post them all but still… the story stays the same. We saw such capsule recently, when I told you everything about Stare t-shirt, part of the Makia x Von Wright collaboration. Once again the Finnish brand puts finesse in what it does because of its personal interpretation of current trends.

To put in an apparel form cultural values that don’t have to go lost and decontextualize from its original form an inspiration coming from art are the two factors that this capsule is built on. Do you think that Von Wright brothers could ever suspect that their art would end up on apparel in the year 2020?

Giving a closer look to this Pigeons long sleeve we see that it is based on a painting by Ferdinand Von Wright called ″From the garden: flowers and birds″ (1853-1854). Beside its graphic design the thick t-shirt fabric that this long sleeve tee is made of is based on a thread of organic cotton extremely pleasant to touch.

See what I told you in the opening paragraph? The main character in the movie needed another character to put order in his life, in order to write again but me I’m better than that: no writers block and I did everything by myself (well, of course I need to thank Totti and Franz for this…).

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