Makia x Von Wright ● Stare t-shirt

Our Finnish friends at Makia never lack in inspiration when it comes to reach the next level. While for the average man on the street, dressing is only a matter of covering the body keeping it protected, they see streetwear from a different perspective. Their 20 years of evolution are evident if you look at my Makia posts of previous seasons. While all brands include in their proposal acrylic wool beanies, Makia beanie is made of Merino wool. Instead of creating collaborations sneakers with the usual brands, Makia collaborated with Superga for a platform version of the iconic 2790.

With this logic the brand keeps the alternative factor relevant in its modus operandi and this is manifested at its peak with the newest collaboration capsule. Bridging the gap among streetwear and art, Makia breaks bread with Ateneum Art Museum and Finnish National Gallery in order to bring you Von Wright brothers art. Nordic birds and Finnish landscapes are reoccurring elements in their pictorial representation and Makia put its touch to translate these masterpieces to fabric and wood. Yes, even limited edition skateboards are part of this capsule.

As a starter to this Makia x Von Wright capsule, that we will explore deeply in my future posts, I picked Stare t-shirt. Inspired by ″Great grey owl″, a painting by Wilhelm Von Wright, this unisex t-shirt is crafted with the utmost care as I warned you in my opening paragraph.

Wear happily this t-shirt, as in tattoo culture owl’s dual symbolism of darkness and wisdom is considered good luck. Ability to see in the darkness symbolizes the idea of seeing past illusions and deceptions and this seems a vital ability these days.

Made with bio cotton, this tee shows attention to detail if you look at its low ringer collar, a feature that separates premium tees from cheap ones. Complete with both a flag woven label and a print in the bottom left corner, this t-shirt contributes with part of the proceeds to Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (Suomen Luonnonsuojeluliitto). Spreading the word on such noble project is a pleasure for me and if you think alike, feel free to contact Fresco Dist to have more details.

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