“With the great God from Egypt manifest was write rhymes/align with the stars, I come back to bless the mic” (Rakim)

We all know Makia very well at this point, do we? Oh, you don’t?! It was february 2012 when you first saw here an item from this brand and our people at Fresco Distribution kept dealing with much pride in Makia for a simple reason: they love it.

In a world where a few brands lead and others follow, this one chose to be a leader. So no leopard or zebra prints but gear that a grown up wants to wear in order to have style. A unique style like this Align shirt, straight out of the latest collection of our Finnish friends.

We have seen quite a few things happen when it comes to shirts. From flannel, to camouflage, to floral prints but this striped shirt beats them all. This 100% cotton piece is all about being out of step like you just listened that Minor Threat joint. A soft yet striking pastel tone reigns here in these pictures of Michela S.

Look at the first one: the cuffs are a focal point of this shirt. I’ve never seen before a label of a brand on a cuff of a shirt but basically you’re starting to know Makia more and more with these unexpected details.

Let me add that the collar folded over with the points extending slightly after the base of the band is mad nice. Don’t get stuck on the usual brands and venture outside the box sometimes: your style can only get better with Makia. Keep following because Fresco sent in a couple more Makia items. You will see…

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