“Slashed your team, let’s see who can make Casper scream/down to the last marine” (MF Doom)

M for mega, M for Maxiemillion or M for Makia? Obviously the latter. Today we are in front of a t-shirt that defies every current trend in the name of creativity and fun. While everybody goes in a direction, Makia is looking to explore unknown territories of t-shirt design with this piece. The huge M becomes a graphic element closer to the stripes of a sailor rather then a letter. While everybody else and their cousins are doing full prints and other uninspired gear, here the design gives a new dimension to big sized prints and redefines a standard. A very lightweight t-shirt with a small collar ring is how this brand conceived this made in Turkey item. Makia showed us more then once here that they created a brand as an opportunity to channel their unique vision of a mature snow skate style rather than to peep what the neighbor does and try to recreate it. It’s the difference among a leader of a pack and a mere follower, brought at you. The t-shirt that Susy B is wearing here is called Maritime and it’s ready to give you instant credibility from a party in a villa of the French riviera to the skate spot near you. Fresco Distribution believed since day one in this brand that is gaining momentum in Europe and abroad, as you can see from the fans of its Facebook page. Don’t believe the hype but believe me when I say that Makia is a classy choice that will make you the individual that you strive to be.

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