Makia ● Midsummer SS shirt

The more the time passes, the more I find myself in the need of sun and all the related good vibes. I’m not asking for much: I just hate the rain and when there are a couple of weeks in a row of bad weather I become grumpy.

I found a way to get rid of this sensation in a very simple way: dreaming of the sun with pieces that have a strong connection with summertime. The best one without a doubt is this Makia shirt distributed by Fresco that Mara V is wearing. A friend of mine recently said that floral patterns are the new camouflage and he is not that wrong: floral patterns are sprouting everywhere in streetwear collections.

This hawaiian like shirt actually doesn’t come from US of A exotic destinations, but from Finland. Makia is the rebel with a smile of the street wear industry. Their brand is about style and quality but it doesn’t need to bite what other brands are doing: they follow their own path. Their mature vision of how a grown up should be dressed in order to represent where he comes from and where he belongs, finds in this Midsummer SS Shirt a new definition.

There is a strong impact as soon as you see at it but if you look at it closely it’s a watercolor tone drawing of a man in a small boat in a river that crosses the forest. Its colors and its subject make it stand out in a bunch of patterns that look all the same.

Be the best looking dude this summer: rock Makia.

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