Malas ● Basic Jeans

Bring it all back to 1993, when Digable Planets’s “Nickel Bags” lyrics went by like: “The sounds, the pounds, the stacks, the flair / The baggy baggy jeans, the knotty knotty hair”.

Or maybe you prefer Das EFX in 1995 whose bars in “40 & a blunt” included lyrical gems like “Take a toke and blow the smoke like a dragon / Timberland boots I keep my f___in’ jeans saggin'”. Baggy jeans defined a generation of hip hop fans that wanted to stand out in the crowd.

Adopted by skateboarders and ravers later on, the uber large denim pants were a sign of distinction. It was a way to recognize and hook up with other fans that shared the same passion.

Now take this movement to Italy and in 2005 Bassi Maestro in “B.Y.H. Bang Ya head” rapped in the hook: “Le mie Nike, i miei baggy, le mie tag, i vinili per la jam, man! / Bang ya head!”. More specifically, a couple of years before even another MC had something to say about sagging pants.

In 2002 you had Esa El Prez dropping a couple of bars like “Indimenticabile come gli ollie di Natas / Vuoi sesso adesso? Togliti i jeans della Malas” (Unforgettable like Natas ollies / Do you want sex now? Take your Malas jeans off). This is where I wanted to take you: to Italian OG streetwear. No raffles and fake collaborations make Malas an iconic brand but rather word of mouth and a genuine sense of belonging to the streets.

Considering this period of 90’s throwbacks that go from chunky sneakers to wide fits, Fabrizio Malaspina saw an opportunity to bring his brand back to life. A few Malas items in limited runs, to give you the authentic feeling of the origins, are now available and today my focus is on Malas Basic Jeans.

Made in Italy, just as back in the day, these denim jeans represent something special that doesn’t have to be lost: the original feeling. White contrast stitching and the handwritten logo that started it all embroidered on the back pocket are waiting to meet your style. Ask about Basic Jeans to your local streetwear shop or cop them online from Malas website but rock them by all means necessary!

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