“Mama always told me: “You’re one in a million/always watch our back, never tango with Haitian Sicilians”” (Wyclef)

There is definately some chemistry of sort in all this. Starting from the top, it all goes back to my review of the first Rehab tee shirt. The minds behind Rehab loved what they read and they kindly asked me permission to borrow two concepts: raw environment, hostile attitude and beyond was the first, what’s fresh and what’s trash was the second. I can’t lie: I really respect Shocca‘s work and dedication. I should play it cool and tell the world that he’s my friend but no, I gotta tell you the truth, as I always do: I’m a big fan of Shocca, one of the two grandmasters together with Rockdrive, that are responsible for the Rehab project. So once he mentioned his idea to borrow my concepts what should I say to him? Yes of course! With much surprise in a week I saw the “raw environment” thing blow up in the website, then I saw the picture of the jacket then finally I had to touch it and inspect it and it was pure poetry. A baseball jacket that gives you that vintage flavour that everybody else is tryin to reproduce, but it smells fake. This brings us back to the good ole Starter jackets days, when Public Enemy told you that you had to fight the power. What’s absolutely smashin about this jacket is the care that Shocca and Rockdrive put in these patches. These little pieces of fabric form a lethal combo on your torso that will take suckers at distance, I guarantee. After a short exchange of words and pictures Shocca told me that my jacket is “defective”. That backwards B at the end of Rehab resting on my sholders is an error. This means that my jacket is u.n.i.q.u.e. I swear that this didn’t disturb me at all! If you think that your swagger may be paired to Mick Jagger, you may dare to put an order on Rehab website if there is still a jacket available. I heard they’re thinking about a promo tee shirt+jacket. Tell them I sent you, but the raw environment they live in will allow no discounts anyway.

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