Marley – Get Together Portable Bluetooth Audio System

“Let’s get together and feel alright” were the words of the great Bob Marley in that song called “One Love” and nothing more simple and effective ever hit my ear. Get Together is also the name of this item by Marley (formerly “House Of Marley”). I tested this portable audio system in the hands of Iade G in different occasions and let me tell you: it’s the bomb. What do you look for in an audio system? Obviously crystal clear sound, powerful and loud coming from a good looking and easy to use box. The Get Together packs it all in a small space. Don’t let the compact dimensions fool you: the woofer in the back and the tweeters in the front give justice to the active speakers inside the system in a way that you need to hear to believe. Its Bluetooth functionality is really easy to use and lets you connect to your smartphone so not only you can hear your songs but it can be any video clip or streaming sound that your soul desires. No Bluetooth? No problem! You can connect with an aux 3,5mm jack any mp3 player that comes handy. Recharge your lithium battery and get ready to blast the park while you skate or the BBQ in your garden. The front panel made of bamboo is earth friendly and so is the Rewind fabric made of recycled hemp, bio cotton and even a bit of recycled PET bottles (RPET). Get Together is the definition of good time in music: guaranteed “feel alright” mood. Photo courtesy of Roberta Marcolegio

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