Marley – Liberate BT sound system

You know that I can’t leave you alone, right? So once I suggested you a pair of Marley Liberate headphones as a Christmas gift, now it’s almost New Year’s Eve. What will you do? Will you attend an exclusive party or will you go to the mountains or to an exotic location? Liberate sound system is ready to provide the sound for that night because this other item from Marley loves to party, no matter where. There are a couple of features that are equally crucial when you approach this piece. The quality of the sound will get you involved emotionally. This small but powerful sound system can give you music pure and rich in every shade, just like Liberate headphones. The simplicity of its four keys is surprising to say the least: turn it on or off, increase or decrease the volume, connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and you are set. It’s really easy and once you connected it, your Liberate will remember such connection every time you turn it on. No Bluetooth? No problem! You can also connect your old mp3 player with a cable as you can see in the third picture. Just charge the internal 8 hour lithium ion battery or use it with its universal power supply, as you need. Aesthetically speaking, beside that sweet bamboo plate on the back, this Liberate share common ground the headphones that go by the same name: same holes and same Rewind™ fabric. This Marley trademark is made of organic cotton, hemp and recycled PET. Your Liberate can’t wait to blast your New Year’s Eve party!

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