Marley – Liberate headphones

You all know the love that Bob Marley put into his music, right? The King of Reggae devoted his whole existence to pass a positive message for his people that eventually spread to the whole planet and his legacy still lives to this day. With all this love, Marley can do nothing but create beautiful objects to make sure that the people can enjoy the healing power of music at the best level ever. There is a large number of options to hear music with Marley. From headphones to sound systems that keep an eye on hi-tech and the other on eco friendly materials, what fascinates you at first is the outstanding design but there is more. These Liberate headphones that Beatrice S is listening may look great but you need to try them on to understand to the fullest what we are talking about. The way the bass sounds is rich and full of every nuance of sound. Do you use your smartphone to hear music? You can connect Liberate and use these headphones even for your phone calls, considering that you have a built-in microphone together with the volume control on the wire. Confort, you ask? Soft pads on the area that comes in contact with the ears and the pad made of Rewind™ fabric under the arch, treat your head nicely. Such fabric is this organic cotton, hemp, recycled PET blend that you can also find on the speakers. To wrap this up there are FSC Sapele wood laser etched discs on the sides. What better way to absorb some healing power?!

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