Marley – Mystic In Ear Headphones

Do you remember when we talked last time about those Roar Headphones by Marley? I told you that “from my perspective one should not walk on the street with headphones on. There are in ear headphones for that”. So here I am suggesting you a captivating pair of in ear headphones. Ready for this mystic experience? Inside the blister of these Mystic in ear headphones there is a surprising set that not only can make you listen to your music wherever you go but is also able to make you call your friends if you are using an iPhone, a feature that was also available on the Roar. You know that Marley, following the guidelines of love of the great Bob Marley, can’t do nothing but put the maximum care in the choice of materials. That’s why even in these in ear headphones we have the Regrind silicone rubber and 70% of the housings are made of bioplastic. That’s why also in the blister you have recycled paper on its back. If this is isn’t love for the planet… As far as the sound, if you have the guarantee of such a household name you can rest assured that the bass is powerful, the mids are precise and the high-end is energized. Beside all these features that of course are crucial when you choose an item of this kind, these Mystic are just good looking. Pleasant to the eye with catchy colors such as these vermillion and aqua green, these in-ear headphones are also available in four more colorways. Marley thinks that could you be loved: don’t let hem fool ya with wack headphones. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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