Marley – Roar headphones

It’s no secret that I am a great music fan. I’m also addicted to my iPhone and these two informations together may give you the picture of why I’m so into these Roar headphones. From my perspective one should not walk on the street with headphones on. There are in ear headphones for that. You’re not DJing on the bus, c’mon! Beside my personal taste (that in this case really shouldn’t influence you, do what you like!) a lot of people love to wear on ear headphones everywhere. Marley with this Roar designed something rough & tough that should be on the road with you, with a crystal clear sound and thumping bass. Check this pictures of Marica B and look how different is this Marley item from the latest headphones by this brand that I reviewed: Liberate headphones. Roar design is more essential and minimal compared to the Liberate that has more of a roots appeal. The item under the spotlight today really looks innovative but there is way more beyond looks. Its design is slightly angled, following ergonomically the shape of your head. Its material is called Regrind™ and it’s recycled silicone rubber that gives to these headphones a real pleasant touch, beside giving a helping hand to the environment. I’m telling you: if I have a long phone call, I always do it my Roar because the quality of the voice, both in & out, it’s surprising. Add to this that the microphone also serves as a 1-button remote and you will find yourself wanting to Roar as loud as you can. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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