Mary Jane – 420 snapback

The saga continues: we’re back in the place to be to check this cap by Mary Jane. The newborn headwear brand for weed lovers and stoners is here like it never left. After we saw here that Legalize snapback that introduced us the whole Mary Jane movement, followed by a reversible bucket for all the hypebeasts out there, here comes the 420 snapback. If you are a loyal reader of this blog you have the meaning of 4/20 (aka 420) on lock: it’s the International Cannabis Celebration day and considering that this brand is Shadow latest creation and it’s called Mary Jane, everything falls into place, right? What’s fresher than a big & bold 420 on a black and white snapback?! Aren’t we in the snapbacks & tattoos era? With its basic color combination this cap has a strong and effective message that you can’t ignore: we want the system to legalize it. With a structure and a shape exactly like the Legalize snapback that I told you above, including that ill lining, this piece is waiting your black outfits and your white AF1. Wear it like Camilla M does, straight or backwards since there is no side where this cap doesn’t show attention to detail: the little leaf on the side panel, the word “legalize” embroidered over the arch of closure and that little label where the plastic strap is are all here to prove my point. Shadow headwear seems to be on the rise. Take note that if you have a shop or a brand and you want to run a limited quantity of caps, he may be the man that you are looking for… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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