Mary Jane – Mary Jane bucket

Somebody in the know told me that “bucket hats are the new snapbacks” yesterday and in a sense I can’t say that she was wrong. Never before we had so many different styles of buckets from all your favorite brands and in this scenario comes Mary Jane bucket. Do you wanna look sharp like Sen Dog in its prime? This cap is for you. Called simply like the name of the brand itself, this bucket that belongs to Shadow new brand is under the spotlight today to make you fall in love with it. Reversible like it seems to be the rule these days, this cap is here to spread love for the ganja leaves with respect and style. Wear it in a flamboyant red or in its black and green version according to your mood of the day but this piece by Mary Jane has a shape really on point. It’s always a matter of shape when you rock a bucket. Visor too long? Not good. Floppy structure? It will have creases where you don’t want them but it’s not the case here. This shape looks great as you can see from the pictures of Michela B and its appeal can make you look good regardless if you’re a boy or a girl. With its 420 label on the side on both colorways, nothing has been left to chance on this headwear piece. If you wanted to tell to the world that you are in love with Mary Jane, there is no other way with such a high level of style. Wait… did I say “high level”?! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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