Mary Jane – Rudeboy strapback

Are you familiar with Jamaican slang? There is nothing rude in being a Rudeboy. You just love to hear blasting dancehall bass cranking from gigantic soundsystems. While you are at it, you just like to dress with flawless styles to get the respect of your community. What is Babylon, you ask? The corrupt state, the system, the police, depending from the context are all meanings for the above word. Straight outta Wikipedia, concerning that six pointed star also known as Hexagram, let me quote: “A black star of David is used to identify the black population, in Africa or otherwise, with one of the Tribes of Israel”. Now Shadow, the designer behind this cap, is not born in Kingston but he has love for street culture so he had to dedicate a strapback from his Mary Jane headwear collection to Rasta culture. Rastas and Mary Jane get along like cowboys and whisky so there is no way you can front on this Rudeboy cap. Beside your faith and your taste in music, this cap that Roberta L is wearing is a flawless piece. Sticking to the script of Rasta movement there is a Lion of Judah in the front of the crown, to represent Haile Selassie. Pay special attention also to the third and the fourth picture. The strapback is a masterpiece and the lining in the fourth picture keeps the level of this cap relevant. So I guess that after this quick lesson on Rasta culture you can’t wait to be down even more with Mary Jane, do you?! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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