“Master of the Mantis Rapture comin at cha/we have an APB on an MC Killer/looks like the work of a Master” (Masta Killa)

With these Wu releases hitting me from every angle these days (read Raekwon and Ghost new albums) I felt like exploring different territories. I may see styles change around me but I stay true to my roots: nothing beats a good ole baggy denim. You won’t see one of these Wu members, rocking a show in tight pants. So my exploration took me to something I haven’t seen before. This is a superior item and the key word is detail, once again. Soone aka S2one is rising from the ashes of Bullrot, a premier Euro brand that had its roots in graffiti and hip hop music, but times changed and an influence from those good ole kung fu flicks that marked our youth is deeply planted in Julien Soone background. Now this brand is available chez nous through Double H distribution. First of all my eyes popped out when I saw this denim fabric printed all over on the inside. If you like to wear your jeans with a turn up at the bottom, this is definately a plus. Did you notice that key and the form of the buttons on the inside? That’s because you can change them. Exactely, you got it right: you can release the bolt and buy different buttons and screw them, as you feel. There is a lot of care and devotion in crafting these denims, exactely like a samurai works hard to obtain a master level. The multicolor stitching on front and back pockets, together with that wave like design, makes this item something exactely like that Wu joint: when you rock it, others protect their neck and feel like they could be decapitated anytime. The washing is dirty over a dark denim and the contrast with the colorful stitching makes you feel like you ain’t nothing to f**k with, when on the streets. Can it be that it was all way too simple then, but the cool thing about this complicated denim is that doesn’t give you any headache. Just make sure that you swing your liquid sword accurately: you won’t become a master simply wearing this. Don’t say around that this denim will turn you into the next Raekwon, it takes practice and talent.


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