Masterdis ● Groove Shades Clear GStwo Amber

Usually at this point of the year a blog like this should point out a key item perfect for a New Years Eve outfit. So I searched in my deep bag of pictures for it and I found it. It’s time to turn over a new leaf, it’s almost 2013 so here it is: Masterdis presents us with a Groove Shades Clear GStwo Amber. We bumped exactely one year ago into this item in its “Blues Brothers version”, remember? But tonight it’s time to celebrate, to have fun, to play. I’m sorry I can’t arrange to let you play with wonderful Serena M, rocking this item here but that’s life: you can’t have everything you want. If you want you can cop these shades. You can impersonate a “new you” with these. You can be more sophisticate, or more silly or simply, more nerd. Boma Agency is spoiling The Maxiemillion with all these items that at an excellent quality/price rate give you a chance to enjoy life a bit more. These are clear lenses. If you want to turn these into prescription glasses, you definately can, but originally these are conceived as “party glasses”. Sometimes you may rock a cap, sometimes you wear a scarf: this is your chance to create an unexpected version of your persona. Is Kid Cudi your idol? There you go. This is an accessory that can make the difference even if you don’t kick it with Lois Lane and you are not Superman in your spare time. All the above was just to say to my beloved readers that fun is really important here. I spent a fantastic year thanks to your support and to the support of the brands that made my blog what it is today. I have a clear vision of the future now: 2013 will be even better.

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