Matix ● Capital Collection Denim

I kinda feel that at the very end of this post you won’t have an exact feeling of what this denim actually can do for your state of mind. Forget all the denim that you know of and enter a new dimension: stretch light denim. The composition of this pant is 99% cotton and 1% polyester. I can assure you that the level of comfort is unmatched. You will look good without forgetting to feel good since Matix takes care of you. This brand makes manufacture quality items in the US of A like these Archer Slate pants that Chris Casey loves so much. Why in the US of A? So instead of making close those plants that produce denim apparel in America, they give a new opportunity to them and money stays in (their) country. This action is also called Capital collection. So let’s get serious and analize two potential customers of this item distributed by Fresco Distribution: 1) skateboarder 2) regular guy. Of course you’re happy when you are rocking Matix, if you are part of case 1. You feel the blessings of tech masters such as Daewon or MJ that in a parallel world (read California) may be wearing one day the same garment that you are wearing here in the old continent. Plus you actually got to use these when you get your thang in action. This means that now you have the possibility to extend your leg to the fullest to kick your board how you want and you have zero restrictions. In case 2 you don’t roll on a skateboard, you don’t know what tech skating means and you just entered a store to get a pair of denim jeans. You won’t be disappointed with these. Lightweight and confortable, you can drive to your weekend destination with your girlfriend wearing this and even if your pastime is to have long walks in the mountains or to spend time sitting at a bar with a sick panorama drinking tea at 5 pm, you will look good and fresh. Shiny copper rivets stand out and so do elements like that back leather patch and that loop with the all-American ribbon, but key factors here are fit and comfort. These denims may be light but… don’t take them lightly.

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