Matix ● Paid In Full t-shirt

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If I should go down the memory lane , this is a joint that made me the rap fan that I am today. My homie Claudio O was this punk friend of mine that gradually turned into a club dj and he was spinnin alternative indie rock and early hip hop for the clubs. This translated may be De La Soul “Say no go”, NWA “Express yourself”, Boogie Down Production “Illegal business” and of course some Public Enemy like “Fight the power” or “Can’t truss it”. I was ignorant and carefree, young and wild, the less I knew about culture and life, the better I felt. A timeless joint that Claudio was used to spin in that period was “Paid in full“. Enchanted by the oriental mermaid-like chorus, beside the solid rhymes of Rakim the God, this stands out in my memories like an essential step in the ABC of “how to have (a little) rap knowledge”. How could I imagine that twenty years later I would hand a tee shirt that says Paid in full to my friend Emanuele E (Decks4Necks Ceo) and shoot pics of him for my blog? That’s further confirmation that some music is eternal, no trends can beat an old Rakim joint. It’s a Matix tee from Capital Collection. Remember? I told you about this activist way to save America already. Made in America 100% cotton tee shirts like these make you proud to support your economy if you’re born in the USA and you feel that Uncle Sam is pointing his finger at you because you’re giving economic strenght to other nations. Can you read between the lines or you need some help? Desperate times, desperate measures, you heard this before. Crisis time. Recession. We are short on money. If somebody pays you in peanuts (slang word for “coins” or “little amounts of money”) you can be paid in full but you still wouldn’t be happy. Not the case here: Fresco distribution delivered at The Maxiemillion megastudios this item and I was happy like a kid on X-Mas eve to see this modern twist on an all time classic. Support the States, support China, support who you want: I support Matix. The occasion is good to give a special shout out to Rakim too: goodtimes are forever.

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