“A twitch of grass skirt caught my eye/I said aloha baby word life you’re looking fly” (Jaz)

A tank may be a new concept to you but let’s get familiar with this item. Not to be confused with Master P tank, this is a tank top also known in your hood as a wifebeater.

People wear tank tops when they play basketball but also when they go skate, it’s a nice way to stay fresh (and to show off tattoos on the shoulders if you have any). This is not a random tank, it’s a Matix Aloha Camo tank and this alone shall leave you in a chill mood front from the start. Matix is a brand that keeps on dropping sick pieces, from denim to shirts and even party gadgets.

Let’s start from the cotton that this piece is made of. Different thickness of the threads generate an irregular effect of the fabric that is lovely, especially if you consider that this is a piece that you wear during hot weather and such treatment makes the fabric really light.

Now if you want to talk camouflage with me, you know that I’m down. This here is one of those patterns that I told you not long ago that belong to what I call camouflage 2.0: new patterns inspired by camouflage but made special both by design and color.

This piece is ready to turn you into the attention magnet and it gives the best results if you have blue eyes, like our friend Elena A. Just take notes of the fact that Fresco Distribution is in charge of the distribution of Matix but no colored contacts may be found among his brands, ok?

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