“F*** that, this is for my ni**az in the hoods that slingin’ them blue caps/smokin that chronic sack” (Noyd)

Matix is always welcome on The Maxiemillion. When I hear the name of this brand I think about Marc Johnson, Torey Pudwill and Daewon Song, so I’m in a good mood. These guys popularity may skyrocket all you want (Street League anybody?!) but they stay loyal to their clothing sponsor.

While other brands may change with time and lose their original appeal, Matix is skateboard apparel, straight up. You must live under a rock if you didn’t notice that all skateboarders are 5 panel crazy these days. The cap that you see formed by five pieces plus the visor and the closure on the back is called Colors 5 panel and it’s another banger courtesy of Fresco Distribution.

Yes, if you are fiending to wear this cap you have to go immediately to a shop that belongs to those served by Fresco. How nice is this pattern Paisley inspired?! Such a pattern, even if it has Indian and Iranian origins, was getting major exposure during the Summer of Love, because of the whole Indian spirituality thing.

Youth counterculture gave another chance to this fabric during British Wew Wave and Dark period in the early 80s, then it disappeaded for a while. A lot of time passed and nowadays it’s a design that you can even see on ties, if we are talking about classic mens fashion, or on womens bags.

The outcome? Paisley designes are steaming hot nowadays. You will these a lot on pocket tees and bucket caps but don’t forget that you saw it here on The Maxiemillion first.

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