Matix ● Teen-Aged Trashmen boardshorts

These boardshorts from Matix that Fresco Distribution sent in are the bomb. Let’s pretend for a minute that we have two new friends: Jack and John. Jack is the athletic type. Hours at the gym just to have his body in perfect shape to go surf and skate. He loves his active lifestyle and he is constantly keeping his body in check in the “my body is the temple” way. Then there is John. John skates a bit here and there, but instead of spending hours at the gym he prefers to chill with his friends and listen to music. He knows a lot about what happens in both skate and music scenes but his social life lead him through the years to have a beer induced belly. He’s not fat, he’s just out of shape. Well, these Teen-Aged Thrashmen boardshorts here shown in Leopard pattern that Mickey B is wearing are good for both Jack and John. Are you in a good shape? These boardshorts will make you look good and sexy (animal prints are sexy, ask Roberto Cavalli if you don’t believe me…). Do you look a bit out of shape? Leopard will turn you into a funny guy that dares to show his imperfections and is not afraid to have all eyes on him. Beside Jack and John, I tested this item straight from Matix spring summer 2014 collection with much pleasure. I gotta say that my chilling in the whirlpool was easy and even swimming was not too hard (well it was, but I can’t blame it on the shorts).

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