“Maybe it’s just cause of where I’m from/L.A. [blaow] that was a shot gun!” (Ice T)

Funny. Writing about sunny Cali when outside my window it’s snowing. Call it the need for warm weather, call it the seasonless mith that Los Angeles is for European people, when I saw this hoodie sent in from Interjeans srl, I felt immediately better. Ah, the good feeling you get walking down Venice beach, the non stop car show in every street of Hollywood. Again, the emotions you get when just driving around downtown you see epic skate spots without looking for them: it’s them that find you! Take a walk down Fairfax and Melrose and start making plans of where you will spend your money today. I love LA, in case you have any doubt left. I love it even more when it’s Estevan Oriol giving me food for thoughts with his pictures that always talk loud to me. This is downtown LA and not only it’s a great picture, it’s also a masterpiece as far as silk printing work goes. Mr Estevan Oriol took some time off his busy life to deliver us this fine piece, part of the Estevan Oriol clothing line he has with Upper Playground and once again, the ex Cypress Hill team manager, keeps our heads ringing like he was Dr. Dre back in the day.
How unique is the fact that in these days of easy slogans on tees and hoodies the impact of the above design needs no words attached?! Action speak louder than words once again and Estevan Oriol left all the words to me, he doesn’t need to talk much. With an imagery that looks like it’s part of Ice Cube masterpiece video called Gangsta rap made me do it, this hoodie will protect you against snow in the smoothest way. Be bicoastal or better yet worldwide and wear this hoodie while walking the street without snow and, most of all, without a jacket on it and steal smiles from everybody just because it looks official. Don’t tell me that you don’t know that Upper Playground has the softest plush ever off the whole range of your favourite shop?! Warm in the winter and chill in the sun, this hoodie does it all. Stay soft inside but look tough outside. Isn’t it the perfect combo?

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