MC Skateboards ● 3D Bronze tee

It’s not easy to give you the picture of MC Skateboards headquarters. Based at The Skateshop, the brand whose acronym stands for Milano Centrale is the creative outlet of Milan skate veteran Joe Onorato. Forget those cheesy shops ready to sell you the flavor of the month brand, Joe shop is all about hardware. Decks and wheels, nuts, trucks and bearings are the main characters in the cozy scenario of the intimate skateshop in Milan Citta Studi area.

MC Skateboards is the private label of this shop that is a dream come true for the founder, a true skate enthusiast that everybody related to skateboarding in Milan knows for a reason or another. Joe creates a full line of skate hardware that he follows carefully step by step, in order to give to the skaters the best standard of quality ever.

His way to bring his visions to life took Joe to create a few unique apparel items with a thermoglued 3D applique with the intertwined M and C that represent his brand. During my recent visit to his store Joe greeted me in the best way ever, telling me to pick up a tee and a cap. Here is the 3D Bronze tee, a yellow skate t-shirt that couldn’t have a fresher color.

Peep the applique in detail in these pictures of Ilaria V and tell me if you have seen something like this before. We are talking about a matte rubber applique that in such colorway hits the eye and is ready to make you stand out at any skate session.

Did I made you curious? The Skateshop worths a visit whenever you have a chance: the friendly atmosphere and the knowledge that such place carries is not something that you can buy online. When you are there don’t forget to tell Joe that I made you crazy about MC Skateboards…
Don’t shop online for this item: go there!
Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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