MC Skateboards ● 5 Panel cap

If there is a corner of Milan that has a special place in my heart that is Joe Onorato little shop. Joe turned a problem into an opportunity: his shop may be small if we talk perimeter but it’s really cozy and full of crazy skate hardware. Old or new, at The Skateshop you may find some rare skateboard deck rather than some cruiser wheels that you can’t find anywhere else.


The Skateshop is also home to MC Skateboards, the skate brand conceived by Joe whose claim is “professional abuse only”. Joe searched far and wide to come up with the utmost level of quality / price for his decks and wheels but it doesn’t end here. When passion is involved it is hard to stop it and the man behind MC Skateboards expanded his creativity to apparel.


Joe doesn’t create collections, his approach is more of the artistic type where once he has an item in his hands he decides what to do with it. Do you remember the 3D Bronze tee that I showed you not long ago? Once Joe found an innovative and funny way to apply his unique intertwined MC branding to an item… he just does it. Outcome: what you get from this brand are actual limited edition items.


The 5 panel cap that you see here worn by Federica D is ready to be worn by a skater with a sharp look that knows what he wants. Made of cotton for what concerns the crown, while the visor is made of synthetic suede, this headwear piece is branded with finesse. We talk about a matte rubber logo with a silicone feel, thermo glued to the front.


You make this hat fit to your head with an eco leather strap on the back, another detail that elevates a notch the overall design of this cap. What you have to do at this point is to go at The Skateshop and demand to see all the custom pieces. It may take you some time but the whole experience will be pleasant, I guarantee…
Don’t shop online for this item: go there!

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