MC Skateboards ● Alphanumeric Phase hoodie

There is a great amount of confusion in our era. Blame it on the internet, easy access to everything you want to know and endless online stores may create some awkward mentality but fortunately I was born before all this. I don’t think that skateboarding is relevant because Supreme did a collaboration with Louis Vuitton, I think that skateboarding is awesome because Mark Gonzales was the first pro street skater. I don’t think that Thrasher tees and hoodies are fresh in 2017, my 28 years old Thrasher sweatpants cut off into shorts are.

All this globalization that created stereotypes to cash in as soon as the “skateboard craze” lasts don’t have anything to do with the satisfaction coming from riding your skateboard. Whatever you put your mind to, from vert ramps to waxed ledges, has nothing to do with overpriced skateboard gear. Being a collector in skateboarding is only allowed for historical reasons. A rare old board, a t-shirt signed by that pro at your first demo, a sticker of an iconic wheel no longer on the market are examples of items that may belong to a legit skate collection.

There is a skateshop in Milan whose private label MC Skateboards gets along 100% with what I just wrote. Of course I am talking about The Skateshop owned by Joe Onorato, where you can regularly find behind the counter his skate bro Gianluca Mariani. These are the original heads that hold it down for Milan since the beginning.

Support this movement copping MC skateboards items in form of this Alphanumeric Phase hoodie worn here by Chiara C. You gotta represent right, now that you know.
Photos courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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