“Meditate, levitate/greetings from the Golden State” (Xzibit)

We can talk about a bunch of stuff here, but let’s put some order first. This is a snapback cap by Quintin that says “Greetings from the Golden State”. I really don’t know the identity and the knowledge of you, my reader, so let me pretend that you stumbled onto my blog by accident and you don’t really know what this thing is all about. Streetwear (the real deal from which the cheesy word urban was born, not to give it a bad meaning) was born in California. The street kid is a descendant of hippies and Hell’s Angels (both Californian movements) that one day decided to jump on a skate, because there were no waves to surf. I can tell you with no doubt that this whole street thing started from that area of America where the sun always shines. This land is also known as The Golden State because of the gold rush around 1850 that made thousands of immigrants settle in this fantastic area. To those that never had the pleasure to visit it, I guarantee that if you feel this thing that this blog is about, if you go there you’d better have a fat wallet, because the amount of the stuff you will find yourself fiending to buy is endless. Sneaker stores like there was no tomorrow, those fantastic limited caps that you only see online, mall where instead of Benetton shops you find unexpected stores that carry those brands that you always dreamed of. Cars? The bigger the better. Bling? Like nowhere else. Welcome to California. This logo in the front infact is a cross among California shape and the bear that is on the flag of this state. People at Quintin care about their stomping ground, that’s why they make manufacture in USA this Cali Bear cap and all the other ones (distributed by Calle Marconi here in Italy). The snapback is the return of an old trend that is nowadays common among all cap fanatics. You will agree with me that this snapback is at the peak of the game here. A small fabric label where the plastic allows you to find your fit and some greetings from a sunny land are always a nice touch. This is what Lucilla allows us to see in that side of the cap, kindly wearing this even backwards in these fantastic pics by Roberta Ungaro. I don’t wear caps backwards for something like 15 years now but I won’t hate on you if you do. It seems the fresh thing to do these days. It’ won’t be difficult to be fresh here by the way: Italy a week before Christmas is not as hot as the Golden State.


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