Mentally Poolside ● OG Beanie

I lost count of how many years passed from that Ice T album titled “Original Gangster” that sparked the idea to call “OG” everything “original”. In the meantime I listened to hip hop from the West and the East, shortly followed by the South. Then at a point the East wanted to sound like Houston, Houston killed them all, while that other artist went to Wyoming. No matter where does your favorite music comes from, when it comes to streetwear, the West did it best.

It was in California that this dude envisioned streetwear as we know it today: apparel to enjoy street related activities and all the social gatherings related to it, expressing what you are into. It may be its graphics or color matchings, but your outfit is your presentation and sends a quick message to those that first see you.

It was in this land that my longtime friend Luca Izzo felt the need of expression and a urge to communicate how he felt: constantly chilling. How better way to say it than a brand called Mentally Poolside? The California pool is a reoccurring element of the territory that beside being a sort of “wealth indicator” is also an area surrounded by a general good vibe that Luca felt his own. No matter how many bad news get thrown at you, how life may seem complicated at times and how it seems that there is no way out in sticky situations: Mentally Poolside is here.

In its range full of inspired designs that give you the picture on Luca L.A. state of mind, a folded beanie that brings everything back to the original scenario could not miss and what name could be better than OG Beanie?

Showing on the fold a woven label of the Mentally Poolside logo that we already saw here last season on OG Poolside tee, this beanie is ready to be worn on Sunset, just like on Cienega or on Fairfax, until somebody will ask you friendly: where did you cop it?

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