Mentally Poolside ● OG Poolside crewneck

If there is something that is keeping me on my toes lately that is Mentally Poolside. The creative outlet of my longtime friend Luca Izzo is taking shape under my eyes, being close for a good couple of decades with the Italian native that is now a California resident. There is so much common ground that me and Luca share: be it street style, music, situations or people, me and this Venitian can talk for hours. You may have an hard time understanding what we say if you don’t belong to this vast movement that is street culture.

At a point in its career where he has on his curriculum working for apparel brands that include The Berrics, Famous Stars and Straps, LRG, Neff, Asphalt Yacht Club and Metal Militia to name a few, he wanted to put his own mark on streetwear. All brands claiming this and that are ridiculous to his eyes so he wanted to express his need to feel cool like he was on the side of a pool.

I showed you already OG Poolside tee not long ago, to introduce you the concept behind the brand and its wavy branding and now we are back to peep how this design will be also available on a fleece soon.

Called OG Poolside crewneck this item here worn by Elena S makes you understand real quick what the plan behind the brand is about. Premium quality washed fleece meets screen printing of a yellow Mentally Poolside logo, creating an impact that makes you question what is this all about.

There is no official manifesto for the brand yet, but I can tell you without a doubt that its CEO has a goal that is a blend of finesse, fun and fabulousness. Color palettes are crucial so to picking up this shade of navy blue wasn’t an obvious choice. Same for the yellow print.

It’s all for now. Just keep on following Mentally Poolside Instagram profile to know when the online store will be opened. A bird told me that such moment is getting closer and closer…

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