Mentally Poolside ● Pool Boy

We are going back to Cali like we were a young LL Cool J. It was a couple of weeks ago when I told you about a Mentally Poolside t-shirt that I had the pleasure to conceptualize. Poolside Tendencies is a great graphic flip, just like skateboarding culture taught me in my early days.

Now for this other item the graphic approach is completely different. Focused more on the concept rather than on its font (the same of the logo of the brand, actually), here the goal is to create an imaginary where this tee becomes workwear and as a consequence this item represents your occupation. A key player in a few porn clichés, the pool boy is basically the stud that after a random and short dialog that ideally starts with “Excuse me, I run out of chlorine, may you help me?” ends up having sex with the wealthy mature house owner.

When me and Luca Izzo, the mastermind behind all this, were fantasizing about his soon-to-be-brand, on our Facetime brainstorms, the subject of the Poolboy that I threw at him seemed a fresh idea to the two of us. A direct concept that in the land of swimming pools evokes the above scenario but basically you are not telling any story: you just let people build on it.

I support Luca’s brand as the ultimate expression of what streetwear should be: a project whose goal is fun first, giving life to concepts instead of designing garments. Here the fabulous world of California, whose lazy coolness is represented to the fullest by such project, gets to life, with just two words on your t-shirt. People that understand what there is behind it will get stoked, other superficial consumers won’t get the connection to understand what this is all about, missing the point. No need to worry: fast fashion is serving them easier concepts.

An always evolving brand, Mentally Poolside has the ability to create inspired tees whose pool sceneries, once out of their contexts, become funny to wear. For what concerns quality of prints and blanks used, rest assured that we only talk about premium choices here: Luca Izzo never settles for less.

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