Mentally Poolside ● Poolside Tendencies t-shirt

I can’t do nothing but love brands that stick to the original concept of streetwear like Mentally Poolside. Wait, are you telling me that you do not know what streetwear is? Are you simply dressing like all your classmates at school? Sometimes I forget that times change but it is not too late to tell you a thing or two about this movement, starting from the origins.

When you had a couple of friends that skated or surfed, some other friends that had a band or a posse, maybe you felt the realness of the lifestyle but you were destined to other things. If you were good at designing stuff on a computer (or coordinating people that do) and you also had a friend that worked at a screenprinting company, you were chosen from the Almighty high above to have a streetwear brand. You base your success on the strength of your ideals, the wickedness of your concepts and there is no chance to fail if everything is aligned.

So it went for my longtime friend Luca Izzo, partner in crime of many wild nights back in the day, when we infiltrated Milan fashion system as an element of disturb with our gangsta aura. Luca and I studied the evolution of streetwear for many years: from Vision Street Wear to Bad Boy Club, from Phat Farm to Sean John, from Fresh Jive to Fuct, from Crooks to 10 Deep up to today’s Bianca Chandon and Supreme there is no secret for us in this land called streetwear.

It was because of the general lack of inspiration that we both saw in many established brands that Luca woke up one day saying: “I want to have my own brand”.

This is why I had the chance to give life to a couple of ideas of mine through his brand. Here is one: Poolside Tendencies t-shirt. Playing on the unwritten rule based on a graphic flip of the visuals of an established logo into something completely different, Poolside Tendencies is not about committing suicide (something radical and pretty serious) but rather about chilling on the side of a pool (a light hearted act of leisure).
Poolside is an alternative!

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