Mentally Poolside ● OG Poolside tee

I am behind the sparkle that gave origin to this Mentally Poolside tee so it’s hard for me to write frankly about it. My longtime friend Luca Izzo, decided to do a brand. To give you the picture me and Luca FaceTime from California to Italy at least three times per week. He is a sort of ghostwriter of this blog: he doesn’t write my posts but much of my knowledge about what goes on in streetwear world comes from the mutual exchange of informations that we give each other on regular basis.


One day Luca realized that if there is one thing that fascinates him in his Los Angeles state of mind are pools and the situations around them. Be it a quiet sunny afternoon, where beautiful girls hide behind the most expensive sunglasses, rather than a barbecue party, where friends gather to share their knowledge and projects, a pool is cool.


It is is a quite common sight in California and Luca tough that the words Mentally Poolside express to the fullest a chill vibe that needed to be put under the spotlight and so it went. Lover of Bianca Chandon, just like Saint Laurent or Vans, Luca has an easy task here: to put all his fabulous world in his creations and I bet that he will have a lot of fun doing so, like he always does.


What you see here worn by Michela P is OG Poolside tee, from the first Mentally Poolside batch ever. What comes into play here are quality of blanks and color palettes. The light navy blue shade of this tee shows the obsessive research on every detail.


Complete with an inside printed label of branding and mandatory technical infos, this t-shirt will be available as soon as the whole project launches. Yes, I gave you two previews in one week, you are right. In the meantime what you have to do is follow Mentally Poolside Instagram, to get along with the philosophy of the brand. Just remember that anybody can be Mentally Poolside: it’s all in the mental…

Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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