” Metric bypass computes on overload retrace cause we’re/caution — warning — overload/lost in space” (Kool Keith)

Omar Salazar. What comes to mind is mach ten speed. Style and control too are main ingredients to the recipe of Omar skateboarding. I admire him because he goes all out. It shows he’s 100% committed to get his tricks. But I also gotta tell that I admire his smile. He shows the world that he’s happy to be in his shoes. Especially now that Nike SB gave him a pro model. Being part of New School shop working team, beside pretending I’m the mind behind for this blog, we recently received these boxes from Slam Jam, Italian distributor for Nike SB. In one there was pop material for window/shop advertisement and in the other one there were four tee shirts. Being the “sneaker guy” at the shop, I grabbed one and here it is. Pop as in “point of presence” is far beyond your expectations. A 3 dimentional poster (complete with good ole 3d glasses) of him doing some skating in what seems to be a spaceship has the same effect of a new pair of sneakers: makes you smile. That’s why the tee has red and blue print on the back. Probably with the glasses there is some “I swear it’s moving and coming at me” effect, but I don’t guarantee it… Omar is on some outer space state of mind it seems. That’s why to reduce gravity he added flywire technology to the heel of the shoe. That’s why on the sole of his pro model there is a swoosh that looks like a Saturn ring. He declares that the roots of all this is the fact that he was into sci fi movies and toys when he was a kid. I gotta add, after I saw a secret stash very well done on top of the tongue of this SB pro model, that he probably is on some outer space after he empties the content of his stash. Or he is so far from the ground when he skates that he just can’t land on mother earth. Richard from Spark the La gave me the 411 on what happened recently. Shoe presentation in Amsterdam Nike headquarters, pros skating and impressing everyone. You want names? Shane O’Neil, wonderboy Cory Kennedy and of course Omar Salazar was there. Some guys are lucky. Me I can’t complain: I have my tee shirt and I can put up a brilliant window courtesy of Nike SB in a couple of days.


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