“Millie, a Brooklyn queen originally from Philly/complete with that accent that made her sound hilly-billy” (Posdnous)

Tweed? Indeed! Not to be confused with a “twit“, this is a noble fabric. I admit that my mature side came out when I saw this Tweed Snap Philadelphia Phillies 9FIFTY Snapback by New Era. This is the best of both words: being a discreet lord that wears valuable fabrics like this tweed while at the same time rocking a bright color (I am not 100% sure but this royal blue is probably my favourite color ever). Like I was GZA on that joint called “Labels” I’m here to “let people understand, that you know, you gotta read the label”. On this 9Fifty snapback, the sticker on the visor says that it’s an A-Frame snapback. Translated to you my dear reader, it means that the front of the crown is taller than regular 9Fifties (like the the other two here below) and the visor has a shape that is more squared compared to a normal one. So Philly, the city of brotherly love that all the skaters have in their
heart because of Love park and the skateboarding history that has been written there, now has an outstanding cap to represent its baseball
team. Philadelphia Phillies can go proud of their style here then, because even if the P is highly recognizable, the colors are totally new here. Never seen before. Wait, I do have seen it now that I think of. It was on the head of Dari MC during that show called MTV Spit. This is a true inspector note, don’t you think? It’s a pity that this is the last post of the week featuring Katia G, I was getting used to her like she was working with me. Kinda of my secretary, rather than a model. She is a great friend of mine and I hope to show you more pictures with her in the future. In the meantime I put my thoughts to rest under this snapback and I know that the tweed fabric will inspire me to be more classy, without losing my urban touch. Compliments New Era, the researches that you keep on doing in order to drop outstanding and fashion forward caps don’t go unnoticed here, in case you had doubts.

Ma che bello è un cap sportivo in tweed?! New Era ha il piacere di presentarvi il Tweed Snap Philadelphia Phillies 9FIFTY Snapback, un cappello dalla combinazione di ricerca di colori e tessuti . Il royal blue esplode sulla sobrissima base di questo tweed e questo ne fa un cappello di alta classe nella gamma esistente dei cappelli legati al mondo dello sport. Colori nuovissimi per quello che riguarda la squadra dei Philadelphia Phillies, questo 9 Fifty snapback indossato da Katia G è un A-Frame snapback, dice il bollino sulla visiera. Iniziate ad avere le idee confuse? Ci penso io: è leggermente più alto degli altri che ci sono qui di seguito e ha la visiera più squadrata. In parole povere è un design più attuale rispetto a quello che sta circolando ora sul mercato. Mai visto prima direi. Anzi, ora che ci penso si, l’ho visto prima questo cappello: in testa a Dari MC a MTV Spit!


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