Minimum ● Wexford Outerwear 3011

I see an invasion of fishtail parkas this Winter. Not two or three every now and then: I said an invasion. I can spot them from far, with that stone washed army green canvas, eco fur on the hood and a loose fit. That’s why I wanted to go deep on this topic with the help of Minimum.

This brand distributed by Blue had coverage on the Maxiemillion already and since then it never went off my radar. I like Danish minimal design and when it comes to a 3/4 length jacket, who knows cold weather like a brand from Denmark does?

Wexford Outerwear 3011 is the name of this jacket here worn by Giovanni G. I wore it a couple of times to test it properly and I truly enjoyed such test. I wear a parka most of the time so I knew what to expect in a way, but the Wexford took me by surprise anyway.

It’s slightly longer than a regular parka and what stands out the most in this item is the capability to adapt to any situation. When you drive your car you open the bottom cursor of the zipper in order to get mobility of the legs, when you get out the car zip it up to the very top and stay protected.

This parka, here shown in its Wine Tasting colorway, has been treated with Thinsulate® to make it warm and waterproof. Beside these features it maintains a urban profile and its fit is flawless. The cut of each pocket is very deep so even if you don’t close your flaps, things won’t fall out.

You also have ribbed cuffs and a cord on the waist, to pull just in case cold weather gets really extreme.

Now that I introduced you this excellent jacket I bet you want to know more about this brand. All you have to do is browse Minimum page on Blakshop, no more no less…
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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