“Mirror mirror, on, the wall/who is the top Dogg of them all?” (Snoop Dogg)

A special thanks first and foremost goes to Arianna M., the girl that accepted to pose with these funky sunglasses by Von Zipper. You know how girls are picky about their friends taking pictures of them, right? I had to go under a strict “quality control” by her majesty to see if “the pictures are good to go on your blog, Max”. From my words you may think that she is hard to deal with (not true) but I thought that she’s the only one that could rock these glasses and be true to the lifestyle these nylon grilamid frames represent. She’s blonde, funny, she loves to snowboard and she’s a black belt partygirl. Funnel srl, Von Zipper Italian distributor, would be pleased to see her in these pictures, rather than me (even if I am somewhere in these pics, if you look closely). Doesn’t she make you want to sip a fruity cocktail at one of those beach bars, after a long day of sun and surf (just in case…) where you spy on people behind these lunar chrome lenses? No joke, this is how these lenses of UV400 protection are actually called. Fully mirrored gold where your eyes are. It goes flawless with the philosophy of this company that revolves around a really simple yet effective credo: to look good and to be funny. Otherwise why a clear pink frame? To make people smile and envy you at the same time. Otherwise why to write inside the frame “Facemelt limited addition”? Don’t ever doubt for a second that these sunglasses are less than legit: designed in USA and made in Italy with distortion free and shatter resistant lenses. Forget Jay Z and R.Kelly: this is the best of both worlds! With these Fulton Fufuberry surprise sunglasses you will feel protected like a multiplatinum artist in his limousine. Hide all you want: a tired face, a lack of make up or your emotions. These glasses aren’t big but the lenses do the job. To be honest I actually think that, depending on how your outfit is, even a man can wear these and feel good. Just make sure that your kit fits. Anyway don’t worry if it doesn’t: behind those lenses nobody will recognize you…

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