Mister Tee – Miami Swag t-shirt

This tee is so funny that, even if I personally don’t use the word swag, I like it. Miami Swag is the name of this t-shirt by Mister Tee, distributed in Italy by the lovely people at Boma Agency. Let’s get deep on the concept. Jay Z in Otis rapped as follows: “I invented swag/poppin bottles, puttin supermodels in the cab” but let’s not forget the great Ghostface Killah here: “My swagger is Mick Jagger/stones is rolling”. Swag is the way the people perceives you doin’ it large with a flawless style. But this tee here says Miami Swag, so we gotta get specific, geographically speaking. Palm trees and a whale in aqua green and neon pink are the subject of this tee that Cippi R is wearing. Florida most populated city is tied to marvellous tales of fun and crime, from Magnum PI to Rick Rozay lyrics. What’s a Miami Swag anyway?! If we go way back in time, the undisputed king of Miami was Luke. Leader of 2 Live Crew, Luke Campbell gave Miami Bass a popularity that spread all over the world an imagery made of wild parties, females sexually liberated and electro funk/hip hop music like no other. Our city is by the sea of course. This means holidays, beaches, clubs and money. M.oney I.s A M.ajor I.ssue there, I thought you knew. If you feel this state of mind that is relaxed and about a good style, with some kickass party music in the background, it seems you are ready for a Miami Swag tee.

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