Mister Tee ● Tyger t-shirt

It’s called concrete jungle. It’s full of enemies and traps but there are also allies that can team up with you and allow you to live a better life. There are many ways to have a pleasant existence according to your goals, but one factor that helps is to wear Mister Tee t-shirts, no matter what your goal is. We already saw the graphic t-shirt brand distributed by Boma Agency, last season, remember? Mister Tee is into this urban life we live, so they must have noticed a couple of things. The first is that animal prints are the must of the season in any form of fashion, from the streets to the catwalk. The second is that this new movement called Street Goth is catching up more and more. It’s the aesthetics that A$ap Rocky and Kanye West fans have built on, up to create a dress code. You gotta wear long black capes, full print t-shirts, white stars and esoteric symbols on black tees and caps, skinny denims or better yet leather pants, shorts with leggings, expensive designer sneakers and… black bandannas. This square of fabric has been around forever in streetwear: hardcore punks, skaters, rockers and metalheads up to the recent gang bangers and hip hop fans. So how can a Mister Tee Tyger t-shirt like the one that Sara M is wearing help you to live a better life in the urban jungle? Making you laugh with a funny t-shirt that is perfectly up to date. All this without draining your wallet. That’s how you make hear your roar smiling.

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