Mizu – M8 Mizu St Black with white print

I can’t be more honest than this: I just showered after my hour of cycling and there is nothing I want more than water. All the sport activities get the best reward when you drink water to no end once you are done. Mizu instead of focusing on tech shoes, mesh fabrics or polarized sunglasses came in the sports arena with a smart concept: stop wasting plastic bottles, let’s drink pure water. The best way to get liquids in the purest form is to drink from glass and you wanna know what’s the closest material to glass? Stainless steel. That’s basically the concept that sparked in the mind of the creators: less waste and more purity refilling your bottle over and over. May we blame the designers at Mizu for creating a beautiful object with a noble purpose? Sure we can’t and at The Berrics people are on this same wavelength: didn’t you see Berra holding his Mizu bottle customized with the logo of the most infamous private skatepark in the world? He’s not the only one to believe in this brand as Nixon, Poler, Electric, Girl and Chocolate among others, created an alliance with this brand. This object breaks barriers and it has a reason to be part of your equipment. Make the Mizu bottle in the hands of Marta B become your ally in all your sessions: not only you will feel better, you will also feel environmentally conscious (and proud of what you do). You can get further informations from Italian distributor B-Factory about this stainless steel bottle available in several versions and capacities. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.


  1. Mizu Life 3 July 2015
  2. Massimiliano Mameli 3 July 2015

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