Mizuno ● City Wind

Do you think sneakers fever needs a new twist? Aren’t you tired of seeing on the internet all these sneakers that beside looking ugly and dumb expensive are also hard (read: impossible) to get? I feel the same way.

Far away cultures inspire you? Do you want to stand out because of the quality and tradition of what you wear on your feet and gimmicks don’t excite you anymore? Welcome to the club.

If you answered yes to the four questions above you are the reader that I am proud to have, considering that today the spotlight is pointed on Mizuno. This brand is a pioneer in Japanese sportswear with a story that goes back to 1906, when Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno founded the brand. In love with American sports they started a very delicate operation: incorporate them in Japanese culture.

Their attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed and to this day the brand represents a staple when it comes to performance. In other words we could say that real runners wear Mizuno.

What about the streets, you ask? With its RB Line (acronym for Reach Beyond) this brands provides freshness, fun and flavor to urban individuals looking for the right pair of sneakers to complement their outfits, just as I showed you in my previous posts about Mizuno.

A style that has not much in common with the multilayered construction of the sneakers by this brand that I posted already, City Wind is a timeless classic. Its essential design is inspired by tennis, the sport whose champions of the 90’s set standards for the bad boys of that decade. It was such a successful silhouette that recreate it with quality materials that follow current standards was an option not to miss for the brand.

Its contrasting white Runbird on the sides is your guarantee of accurate craftsmanship for a pair of sneakers that will make you the one and only winner while brainwashed sneakerheads look for consensus of their peers.

Be unique head to toes: you weren’t created as a copy and you deserve the best. Luckily for you I know where to find it: on Mizuno website.

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