Mizuno ● Sky Medal S

I always welcome Mizuno with a wide smile when I have to post it on my blog. The brand born in Osaka at the beginnings of last century is synonymous with sharp design, as a result of the obsessive care for details, typical of Japanese culture, no matter if we talk sneakers and denim just like their food that conquered the world.

I have under my eyes the newest version of a style that is familiar to The Maxiemillion. Do you remember that we saw Sky Medal, in a Summer ready colorway with royal blue and aqua green accents, already? Then more recently I reviewed Sky Medal “The Angel Share” with its mix of materials that included corduroy for a unique result.

When it comes to Mizuno range this is an iconic style without a doubt that gets picked continuously when it comes to lifestyle releases and this Sky Medal S is the latest to arrive on shelves of selected sneakers stores.

The wrapping sensation is the same of previous colorways that, together with its lightweight structure (320 grams), contributes to create a pair of sneakers that you never want to take off.

When the city is your stomping ground you never know who you may meet and where you have to go, but don’t worry: the urban appeal of this colorway will keep your style safe in any situation. Check how smart is the reflective accent on the heel.

Dark denim lover? What could ever look better with this shade of legion blue?! True sneakers lovers will fall in love with its coral accents commonly called “infrared”, details that emphasize the contemporary look of these sneakers.

The icing on the cake is on the side panels, where a clear plastic RunBird, is ready to make an impression over the smooth pigskin suede. The animal that in Mizuno philosophy symbolizes an approach to sports with unlimited space and energy, here represents the new new in an unmistakable way.

Don’t get lost in the crowd, stand out and smile like I do: you are rocking the new Sky Medal S!

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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